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We offer financial advice services, investment opportunities, loans at low rates, savings with interest growth, etc.

At Oasis Capital Investments, we believe you need to grow that is why we would like you to grow with us.  

Multiple Local Payment

Choose from a variety of local payment methods from M-Pesa to Card payments such as Visa or Mastercards with low charges.

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Enjoy secure payment services without worry. We do not share your data.


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Affordable Microfinance loans

Build your savings to enjoy higher affordable loan limits.

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Loan products

Borrow at low interest to finance your needs, business or projects.

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Investment shares

Invest in our financial schemes such as real estate, agribusiness etc. and earn dividends.

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Unlock exclusive benefits available only to our select community.

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What We’re Offering

We offer affordable loan solutions
tailored to meet your needs


How much do you need?

Trying to decide a loan amount can be a taunting experience. We have tried to make it simpler for you with our loan calculator that will show you a projection of how much you will be required to pay back based on your own options.

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1 Months 12 Months

Pay Monthly KES

Term of Use Months

Total Pay Back KES

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*These calculator provides an estimate projection of your loan repayment plan. This may not be final.


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Personal Loan

Personal loans offer financial flexibility, immediate access to funds, and customizable repayment terms for various expenses and financial goals.

Car loan

Flexible terms, competitive rates, quick approval, low down payments, various vehicle options, expert guidance, hassle-free process, reliable service.

Education loan

Specialized financing empowering aspirations, aiding educational pursuits, ensuring future success, with flexible terms, accessible support, and manageable repayments.

Business Loan

Tailored financing solutions for businesses, enabling growth and financial stability through competitive rates, flexible terms, and expert guidance.

Home Loan

Secure financing for your dream home with our flexible, affordable loan options, personalized to meet your unique needs and aspirations.

Wedding Loan

Obtain financing for your dream wedding with our customized loan options, which will ensure your big day is both magical and stress-free.


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Becoming an enrolled member of our microfinance institution will grant you exclusive benefits within our community. See some of these below:

Access to Financial Services

Access to loans at lowest-interest rates.

Flexible Loan Terms

Customizable repayment options tailored to borrowers' unique financial situations.

Participation in Profit Sharing

Access to profitable investments opportunities and member-only discounts.

Financial Education and Training

Benefit from financial literacy programs and workshops

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